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Chaos and Order. Harmony and Discord. Fire and Water. Riffs aflame, blast beats, intense vocals twisted into growls, shrieks, melodies to summon forth spirits from beyond the grave. Lyrics to transcend the mundane, to put a knife to the throat of normalcy. These are among what define Hekseri. Influences steeped in the roots of Black, Death, Thrash and Heavy Metal to break down barriers and project the listener into the realm of guided madness!

HEKSERI = “Witchcraft” in the Norwegian [norsk] native tongue
ORIGIN = Boston, Massachusetts • Bergen, Norway
CONTACTS = < ironpagan@googlemail.com > < thuringwethil666@gmail.com >

“Gods of Goats” / Tribute to Venom compilation CD, 2006:
“Don’t Burn the Witch”
“Annihilation Declaration / Der Hexenhammer” • split CD with Gravewurm, Time Before Time Records, 2007
“The Atrocity (Early Demos)” • compilation cassette,
Witchhammer Productions, 2007
“Hekseri” • CD, Time Before Time Records, 2010
“Soul’s Prison is Flesh” • CD-single, self-released, 2014

< http://www.metal-archives.com/bands/Hekseri/44612 >
< https://www.youtube.com/user/HekseriOfficial >
https://www.facebook.com/hekseri >
< http://www.hekseri.net >

“The most surprising thing about Hekseri’s music is how melodic it is. A description of black/thrash metal does not genuinely make you think of romantic melody, despite how each of those root genres frequently possess such an element in spades. But Hekseri changes it up by playing fairly brutal black/thrash that periodically dives into sections of surprisingly great, medieval melody worthy of many legendary bands. Hekseri is a pretty popular cult act in the New England black metal scene, and for good reason: they make unique, intriguing music with a great deal of talent behind it.”
— Norktorn, Metal Archives < http://noktorn.wordpress.com/2007/10/01/hekseri-the-atrocity-early-demos/ >

“While there are no compromises in the brutality of Hekseri’s sound, there is still present a strangely melodic nature . . . an exhausting listen, but there’s beauty to it. A masterful tribute to the dark arts, this treacherous debut Hekseri record rewards those hardened enough to listen with a gorgeous and grim experience.” — Wren Leader, Ghost Cult
< http://www.ghostcultmag.com/hekseri-hekseri/ >

“It’s funny how this band has changed . . . just becoming more blackened and blistering each time I see them.” — Reverend Aaron Pepelis, Return to the Pit

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